Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Found It!!!

We, mostly my husband Seth, had been looking for an older trailer for around 500 bucks that we could put some elbow grease into and make it our own. We often go camping in a tent up in Island Park, ID and Seth either wanted a gun to protect us or a trailer so it would be harder for the bear to get to us so we decided to go for the trailer. Seth and I were on a evening ride on our scooter and saw a trailer in a backyard and decided to ask the people in the front yard if they were willing to sell it. The man in the yard went inside and asked his mother (the owner of the trailer) if she would sell it to us and she had been wanting to get rid of it and about a month ago she got an offer from a woman in Rigby, ID but never heard back from her and she was asking only 200 bucks for it! Seth came back with, "I'll give you $225!" We were so excited to get it for so cheap we didn't even know want the brand was, the year, or the condition except for what we saw in the quick look inside.

They needed to clean it out because they were using it as another garage so while they were doing that we rode home and got the cash (which I was very excited about because Seth was secretly stashing money away for a trailer, so it didn't have to come out of our checking account). Seth could not sit still, he was pacing and calling his friend Jim, who just rebuilted his own trailer. After we had anxiously waited for that very long hour of our life we raced back over there. They had it already hooked up to the son's truck and all the outside lights worked!----PLUS! Also, the owner still had the title!---PLUS PLUS! When we got it home Seth called Jim and his wife Peggy with the brand, year, and the length and they in turn googled it to see the worth. And OMG, they found the exact one on ebay that was in pretty good condition for 7,500 dollars!!! WOW, we pretty much stole that trailer!

Here are so pics from when we first got it home....

~Front View W/ Huge Picture Windows~
~Side View~

~Back Side~

~Looking From Back Towards Front~

~The Two Couchs/Beds Looking From The Back~
~Shower Time~

~Powder Room~

~Where The Ice Box Lives~

~Water Heater/Closet Area~


  1. What a steal! Your Traveleze is so, so cute! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. Traveleze made some great trailers, and yours is a great design. Good luck!!

  3. Oh do update, I definitely want to see how your doing :)

  4. i'd love to see some updated pics of the trailer! did you ever get your project finished???

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